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see Clouet, JeanClouet, Jean
, called Janet
or Jehannet
, c.1485–1540, portrait and miniature painter. He was court painter and valet de chambre to the French king Francis I.
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Pierre Marie F?lix . 1859--1947, French psychologist and neurologist, noted particularly for his work on the origins of hysteria
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Janet loved me for it, just as she detested poor Esther because Esther had said so much shade was unhygienic and had objected to sleeping on a feather bed.
"Janet told me I could have the use of the parlor when any young men called!
"Blair, Blair, it is you who are always young," laughed Aunt Janet, not ill pleased.
"It was very foolish of you," said practical Aunt Janet. "These September nights are real chilly.
Moonlight, you know, Sister Janet, has an intoxicating quality.
"Well, you'd better come in and have some breakfast," said Aunt Janet. "These are my little girls--Felicity and Cecily."
"She's child enough still," said Aunt Janet hastily.
It was the Story Girl's idea, but I don't think Aunt Janet would have let us go if Uncle Blair had not pleaded for us.
There was absolutely nothing to stop her from presenting herself to Lady Janet Roy under Grace's name and in Grace's place!
Grace had said it herself in so many words--she and Lady Janet had never seen each other.
Janet explained that this is the reason behind the postponement of her Unbreakable World Tour.
Speaking after an inquest into her death this week, her mother Joanna Norridge said Janet had cried out for help.