Japanese quince

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Japanese quince:

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shrub or small tree of the Asian genera Chaenomeles and Cydonia of the family Rosaceae (rose family). The common quince (Cydonia oblonga) is a spineless tree with edible fruits cultivated from ancient times in Asia and in the Mediterranean area,
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apple, black chokeberry, black elderberry, cranberry, Japanese quince, and lemon juice, demonstrated lower activity in comparison with plant extracts.
The brilliant Japanese quince (Chaenomeles) is another that will benefit greatly from being cut back.
Favorites include most deciduous fruits, especially ornamental crabapples, cherries, peaches, and plums; also dogwood, forsythia, deciduous magnolias (cut after buds are well developed), Japanese quince, redbud, spiraea, and pussy willows.
Perk up your spring garden with this vivid Scarlet Japanese Quince for just pounds 3.

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