a city in southeast Poland, in Krosno Województwo, in the foothills of the Carpathians. Population, 27,800 (1977). Jaslo has oil-refining, wood-products, and food-processing industries. The city also has a chemical industry that produces plastics and plastic goods.

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The subject of the order is the delivery of equipment to the pracownia ksztalcenia praktycznego studio as part of the project "adaptation of infrastructure of educational institutions of the jaslo poviat to the professional work environment - part i".
Gamrat Flooring delivers vinyl flooring primarily for professional applications and has a flooring facility in Jaslo, Southeastern Poland.
According to her Facebook page Gacek is originally from Jaslo in south-east Poland.
He was born in Jaslo, Poland, the son of Michael and Julia Gulachenski and lived in Holden for over 50 years before moving to Briarwood Circle in 2009.
Further places are taken by the Jaslo and Rzeszow districts (5 communes each) and the districts of Jaroslaw, Krosno, Lubaczow and Sanok (4 communes each).
The Jaslo, Poland-based company specializes in the production of apple and citrus pectins, fruit and vegetable juice concentrates and, for a smaller proportion, the preparation of processed food products.
Jaslo (Detailed Geological Map of Poland, 1:50,000, sheet Jaslo).
The town of Jaslo, southeastern Poland, came under threat Friday after some 40 metres of flood barriers broke nearby.
It was decided by Jaslo City officials that a similar approach could prove worthwhile in the Polish context.
Authorities in the town of Jaslo discovered the origins of "Hitler's tree" when plans were lodged to fell it to make way for a traffic roundabout.
The authorities in Jaslo want to cut down the tree, and burn it to make way for a new roundabout.
History rounds off skeletons to zero," Szymborska comments in "Starvation Camp Near Jaslo.