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An active participant of this process in the nineteenth century Latvia was the social anti-provincialism and female equality movement of "Jauna Strava" [New Current], and among them also the writers of the European and world level, prominent poets, playwrights and active public and culture figures Rainis (Janis Plieksans; 1865-1929) and Aspazija (Elza Rozenberga; 1865-1943) (later husband and wife), whose activities are tightly linked with western Europe, especially Germany, and the culture of German speaking nations.
It depicts the period of "Jauna strava" in Latvia; the characters representing the cultural life in Riga are projected with the author of the novel herself (Arta Augstkalne) and Rainis (Jarmuts Asmins) --the then new editor of "Dienas Lapa" (in the novel--editor of "Jauna Diena").