Java Database Connectivity

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Java Database Connectivity

(database, programming)
(JDBC) Part of the Java Development Kit which defines an application programming interface for Java for standard SQL access to databases from Java programs.


See also Open Database Connectivity.
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HydraSDO for Databases also includes tools to reverse engineer existing databases from an SQL script or a live database connection, such as Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), and generate the data access code.
The first two products to complete the rigorous 1,200 tests in the Hibernate Certification Toolkit are the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Driver and DataDirect Technologies' Connect for JDBC.
DataDirect Connect for JDBC is the only complete set of Type 4 JDBC drivers for Java database connectivity to all of the major databases, including IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix and Sybase.
Currently supporting the Sun ONE Application Server, Fenway provides real-time monitoring and proactive management for web applications and individual Java(TM) 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE(TM)) technology based components (servlets, JavaServer Pages(TM) (JSP(TM)), Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) (EJB(TM)) architecture, and Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC(TM)) connections.
5, a transaction-centric performance diagnosis tool for analyzing distributed Java(TM) applications, now with enhanced Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) support.
PointBase Server is the only RDBMS certified through Sun Microsystems third party Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) technology certification program.

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