Java Database Connectivity

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Java Database Connectivity

(database, programming)
(JDBC) Part of the Java Development Kit which defines an application programming interface for Java for standard SQL access to databases from Java programs.


See also Open Database Connectivity.
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CustomerDemo employs standard Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) APIs to access the SQL server to retrieve customer data.
Software provides researchers with unified access to data, including text; Native, ODBC (open database connectivity), and JDBC (Java database connectivity) databases; and vendor formats, like Excel.
Microsoft Corp will begin to offer the SQL Server 2000 driver for Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) free of charge this spring for licensed customers of SQL Server 2000.
Key features of Hyperbolic Tree Server include sample applications and applets (Java database connectivity, integration with Inxight Summary Server, and other samples and demos); Java API, incorporating Java Bean and JDK 1.1 and 1.2; Hyperbolic Tree user-interface component XML-based file format; Asian (Unicode) languages support; and Inxight Tree Studio (formerly Site Lens Studio) 1.5 for use on the same licensed server.
IBM's Developer Kit for Linux technology enhances database and application performance on Linux by using natural database drivers rather than Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) libraries.
The CIS software components are being implemented as JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), Dynamic HyperText Markup Language (DHTML), client side Javascripts, and interface to relational databases using Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC).
Other key features include object relational storage; Pure Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) local or remote Type 4 drivers; JavaBean components that allow direct access to JDataStore; and lightweight replication and synchronization technology.

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