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Java EE

(Java Platform, Enterprise Edition) An application software platform from Oracle based on the Java programming language. Originally developed by Sun, which Oracle acquired in 2010, Java EE services are performed in the middle tier between the user's machine and the enterprise's databases and legacy information systems. Java EE comprises a specification, reference implementation and set of testing suites. Its core component is Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), followed by JavaServer Pages (JSPs) and Java servlets and a variety of interfaces for linking to the information resources in the enterprise.

The Java EE interfaces include JDBC for databases, JNDI for directories, JTA for transactions, JMS for messaging, JavaMail for email systems and JavaIDL for CORBA connectivity. Java Connectors are interfaces to a variety of legacy applications.

In December 1999, J2EE Version 1.2 was introduced as the first formal release of the Enterprise specification. In 2005, Sun renamed the Java Platform by dropping the 2 (J2EE 5.0 became Java EE 5.0). See EJB, JSP, servlet, Java Connector, Java SE and Java ME.

Pure Java EE Environment
This is a fully compliant Java EE Web server and application server environment showing the interfaces to all information sources in the enterprise. This is an "ideal" Java-only deployment. In practice, other server-side scripts and applications may be used as in the illustration below.

Mixed Environment
In practice, Web servers and application servers use a variety of server-side processing techniques. This illustration depicts the various methods.
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It utilizes technical solutions of Java EE in order to support scalable and reliable multiagent systems.
Adding support for JSR-309 was a simple decision as many of the leading web application server platforms on the market today are Java EE based, said Grant Henderson, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Radisys.
Its archetypes are available for creating Java EE projects from deployment, remote debugging and profiling.
There is a big advantage if we can step away from client-centric approaches and back toward server-centric approaches, as we can leverage the existing, industry-proven Java EE security architecture.
In addition to Oracle's Java server product area, Harris was responsible for the BEA WebLogic and Sun GlassFish product lines, as well as Java EE overall.
Oracle today announced the general availability of Java SE 9 (JDK 9), Java Platform Enterprise Edition 8 (Java EE 8) and the Java EE 8 Software Development Kit (SDK).
Radisys WebConnect translates JSR-309 media processing requests, in a Java EE environment, into session Internet protocol and media server markup language (MSML RFC 5707) XML-based control commands which are compatible with any Radisys MRF.
The Java EE 6 Tutorial: Advanced Topics, fourth edition
It assumes knowledge of the Java programming language at the level covered in the authors' previous book, The Java EE 6 Tutorial: Basic Concepts.
The addition gives customers more choice, as well as the opportunity to deliver the Java EE 6 Web Profile in the simplest way possible.
components, and features support for Java EE 6 and other popular frameworks and
First announced at the Red Hat Summit in May 2011, OpenShift redefined the PaaS space by offering a broad choice of supported languages, frameworks, databases and clouds, including Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP, Java EE, Spring, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, MemBase and Memcache, all open source, helping developers avoid getting locked into any particular technology or platform, Red Hat said.

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