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Java EE

(Java Platform, Enterprise Edition) An application software platform from Oracle based on the Java programming language. Originally developed by Sun, which Oracle acquired in 2010, Java EE services are performed in the middle tier between the user's machine and the enterprise's databases and legacy information systems. Java EE comprises a specification, reference implementation and set of testing suites. Its core component is Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), followed by JavaServer Pages (JSPs) and Java servlets and a variety of interfaces for linking to the information resources in the enterprise.

The Java EE interfaces include JDBC for databases, JNDI for directories, JTA for transactions, JMS for messaging, JavaMail for e-mail systems and JavaIDL for CORBA connectivity. Java Connectors are interfaces to a variety of legacy applications.

In December 1999, J2EE Version 1.2 was introduced as the first formal release of the Enterprise specification. In 2005, Sun renamed the Java Platform by dropping the 2 (J2EE 5.0 became Java EE 5.0). See EJB, JSP, servlet, Java Connector, Java SE and Java ME.

Pure Java EE Environment
This is a fully compliant Java EE Web server and application server environment showing the interfaces to all information sources in the enterprise. This is an "ideal" Java-only deployment. In practice, other server-side scripts and applications may be used as in the illustration below.

Mixed Environment
In practice, Web servers and application servers use a variety of server-side processing techniques. This illustration depicts the various methods.
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Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) based on Java EE are increasingly being utilized to support real-time telecommunication services - particularly for OTT and WebRTC, said Ari Banerjee, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading.
An Established Security Architecture: Security has always been a first-class consideration in the Java EE stack and has matured to the point where the security architecture is well established from the persistence layer through to the presentation layer.
At JavaOne 2014, Oracle is showcasing the latest developments for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) and future plans for Java EE 8.
In addition to its PaaS capabilities, Java EE 7 is set to have limited support for SaaS, in which an application can support multiple tenants but each tenant gets a separate instance of an application.
Java EE 6 includes Context and Dependency Injection (CDI), a standards-based, modern programming framework that makes it easier for developers to build dynamic applications and picks up where some proprietary frameworks left off, the company said.
IntelliJ IDEA 9 offers many great new features, such as support for Java EE 6, Spring 3.
The addition gives customers more choice, as well as the opportunity to deliver the Java EE 6 Web Profile in the simplest way possible.
Projects such as Drools, Switchyard, Errai and Infinispan take this emphasis beyond Java EE so that whatever your area of interest, JBoss tools offer the solutions you need to develop and deploy your applications.
Five of these foundations are a set (cluster) on the basis of common technical specifications within their Java EE environment and are the subject of this contract: (a) EID applet (b) EID trust services, (c) EID identity provider, (d) EID digital signing service and (e) EID PKI RA.
Radisys WebConnect translates JSR-309 media processing requests, in a Java EE environment, into session Internet protocol and media server markup language (MSML RFC 5707) XML-based control commands which are compatible with any Radisys MRF.
The new SPECjEnterprise2010 benchmark has been redesigned and developed to cover the Java EE 5.
Invitation to tender: service development software solutions using the java ee technology

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