Java chip

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Java chip

An earlier CPU chip specifications from Sun that contained RAM, I/O and the Java Virtual Machine. Based on Sun's picoJava architecture, Java chips were designed to speed up applications by natively executing Java bytecode. Introduced in the late 1990s, designs were licensed to several manufacturers.

MicroJava and UltraJava (MAJC)
The microJava chip was targeted towards controllers, network-based devices and consumer products. The UltraJava chip, later renamed Microprocessor Architecture for Java Computing (MAJC), was a multicore CPU targeted for desktop use, incorporating some of the same 3D graphics processing Sun used in its UltraSPARC machines.

In the decade following the introduction of the Java chip, pre-compiling Java source code for a particular platform, the use of just-in-time compiling and the ongoing speed improvements in general-purpose CPUs, negated the initial benefits of having Java circuits in hardware. See Sun and Java.

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Sun apparently viewed its Java chip work - which it is now winding down - as a "killer" technology, according to a Joy memo dated December 1995.
The dessert menu, which includes a decadent chocolate souffle, creme brulee, macadamia nut cheesecake and other selections, now features a unique sampling of ice creams including Green Tea, Java Chip and Mango Sorbet.
PATRIOT WINS EMBEDDED WEB SERVER SUPPORT Java chip company Patriot Scientific Corp has got Agranat Systems Inc to port its EmWeb embedded web server to the PSC1000 processor.
With the PSC1000A, the newest, smallest and most powerful microprocessor Java chip now available, we believe interest in the chip and the validation for that belief is beginning to be well demonstrated, especially at this event.
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There are many other products in the pipeline scheduled for release later this year including the Meta Expresso which will compete with Sun Microsystems Pico Java chip.