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Java servlet

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(By analogy with "applet") A Java program that runs as part of a network service, typically an HTTP server and responds to requests from clients.

The most common use for a servlet is to extend a web server by generating web content dynamically. For example, a client may need information from a database; a servlet can be written that receives the request, gets and processes the data as needed by the client and then returns the result to the client.

Applets are also written in Java but run inside the JVM of a HTML browser on the client. Servlets and applets allow the server and client to be extended in a modular way by dynamically loading code which communicates with the main program via a standard programming interface.

Servlets are more flexible than CGI scripts and, being written in Java, more portable.

The spelling "servelet" is occasionally seen but JavaSoft spell it "servlet". There is no such thing as a "serverlet".
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A Java application in a Web or application server that provides server-side processing such as e-commerce and database search. Servlets are designed to handle HTTP requests (get, post, etc.) and are the Java replacement for a variety of methods, including CGI scripts, Active Server Pages (ASPs) and proprietary C/C++ plug-ins for specific Web servers (ISAPI, NSAPI).

Because they are written in Java, servlets are portable between servers and operating systems. The servlet programming interface (Java Servlet API) is a standard part of the Java EE platform. If a Web server does not run servlets natively, a third-party servlet plug-in can be installed to add the runtime support. See servlet container, Java, application server, JSP, Java EE, ISAPI, NSAPI and CGI script.

Servlets Run in the Server
Servlets, as well as JavaServer Pages (JSPs), are server-side applications. The Web server or application server must support servlet processing, which became available as part of the Java 2 platform.
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The Java servlet is used as an intermediary agent between the JSP page and the web service, processing HTTP requests and replies to/from the JSP page and managing the data flow to/from the web service using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) messages [11].
This system has been designed using Java servlets, the most secure platform available for web development.
These applications can be written in script languages such as Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Pen or Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), as Java servlets or as webserver modules.
The Web Server Connector, an easy-to-use Java servlet that relays requests from Web servers to one or more computers running FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited, can be easily integrated with a number of leading Web Server software applications, including Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0, Netscape Enterprise Server 3.62, and others.
The communication between the JSP page and the web service is intermediated by a Java servlet that translates the data flow to/from the JSP page into SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) - the key component of SOA [23].
It also includes a new Web Server Connector, supporting web servers such as Microsoft IIS and PWS, Netscape Enterprise Server, WebStar, AppleShareIP and Apache, through Java servlet and the SSL secure socket layer.
WebSphere's Java servlet engine is incorporated into both suites and Payment Server in its next release will run as a servlet in WebSphere.
Allaire says it plans to continue to sell JRun as a standalone product but will also add support for JSP and Java servlet development to a future release of its web IDE, HomeSite.
As well as enterprise messaging courtesy of Big Blue, Jade 4.1 adds an HTML user interface, a Java servlet engine and integration with Macromedia's web design category-killer, Dreamweaver, at front end.
Jigsaw is also built to offer faster web access through HTTP 1.1 support, plus an open source implementation of the Java servlet interface.
Those available now include Java 3D; the Java naming and directory interface; Java Servlet; JavaMail; and Java Media Framework.