Jawer, Jeff

Jawer, Jeff

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Jeff Jawer, born May 16, 1946, in New York City, is one of the pioneers of experiential astrology and a leader in astrological organizations. He began his astrological studies in 1973 at the University of Massachusetts, where he earned a B.A. degree in the history and science of astrology. He established OMetrics Astrology Services there with Barry Lynes, his first teacher. Jawer also presented for two years a daily astrological radio program called “High Tides,” which continued two more years in Atlanta, Georgia.

In Atlanta, Jawer became corporate astrologer for International Horizons, Inc., and co-invented Astro, the first handheld astrological calculator. He passed the professional-level examination of the American Federation of Astrologers and the professional examination of the City of Atlanta’s Board of Astrology Examiners. He later became chairman of the examining board and served two terms as the president of the Metro Atlanta Astrological Society. He also completed Zipporah Dobyns’s 16-day intensive course, is a certified Astro*Carto*Graphy (A*C*G) interpreter, and taught at the first A*C*G seminar, which he organized with Jim Lewis.

Jawer coined the now widely used term “astrodrama” in an article for Astrology Now magazine and has had numerous articles published on a variety of subjects in journals and in four books. He has led workshops on experiential and other aspects of astrology at over 50 conventions. Jawer has taught astrology throughout the United States and in Canada, Brazil, France, England, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and Australia. He lived and worked in France for two years with Alexander Ruperti’s Network for Humanistic Astrology.

In 1982, Jawer was one of the founders of the Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN) and served on its steering committee for four years. In 1986, he helped organize the first United Astrology Congress. He has received the Mars Award from the Fraternity for Canadian Astrologers and has been a nominee for the Regulus Award.

Jawer was the director of public relations for Matrix Software in Big Rapids, Michigan from 1995 to 1997, and then in 1998 served as vice president of Astro Communications Services in San Diego. In 1999 Jawer founded StarIQ.com in Redmond, Washington, with Rick Levine. At present he lives with his wife and two daughters in Redmond.


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