Jaz Drive

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Jaz Drive

(hardware, storage)
Iomega Corporation's drive which takes removable one or two gigabyte disk cartridges which contain conventional hard disks.

Internal and external drives are available claiming an average transfer rate of 330 megabytes per minute - though that is dependant on the SCSI adapter, the parallel port adapter is unlikely to reach anything like this speed. The Jaz drive was the successor to the company's more establistablished Zip Drive.
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Jaz disk

An earlier removable hard disk drive from Iomega. Introduced in late 1995, Iomega startled the industry with its breakthrough price of USD $99 for a 1GB removable disk cartridge. Jaz was fairly popular in its niche, and 2GB drives were introduced in 1997. In 2003, Iomega stopped production of new drives, which were superseded by the REV drive. See REV disk and magnetic disk.

Jaz Cartridge
Iomega introduced its 1GB cartridge at 10 cents per megabyte in late 1995, which was a breakthrough price for that year.
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Before Levitan's firm got a VPN, he used a portable Jaz drive to carry files back and forth and worked directly on it.
I also purchased a two GB external Jaz drive and a fast SCSI card to connect it to the computer.
At home, of course, you just have that hard disk and floppies, or a Jaz drive, if you are lucky.
The external Jaz drive has a suggested retail price of $649 and the internal model is priced at $549.Jaz disks are priced at $149 for a three-pack.
Each computer has a 2GB hard drive, 64MB of RAM, plus an Iomega Zip drive and an Iomega Jaz drive. The PC machines are Dell and Intergraph computers with 200 MHz Pentium Pro processors running Windows NT 4.0.
The solution for you is the Jaz drive. It holds a gigabyte of information, or 10 Zip drives' worth.
Sure, it's slower than an HDD or a Jaz drive, but it's faster than CD-RW and Zip and (12-inch WORM excepted).
The 2-GB Iomega Jaz drive is impressive in terms of capacity but has too high a price both for the drive (around $350), and especially for the medium ($125).
JAZ DRIVE: A brand of large data storage - one gigabyte - outwith a built-in computer hard-drive.
The Jaz drive is a 1-gigabyte removable drive for both desktop and portable computers.
The most popular removable storage products--although not necessarily the best--are produced by Iomega, with its 200 Mb Zip Plus and its 2-gigabyte Jaz drive. If you're swapping files with removable cartridges, you're more likely to find someone using a Zip or a Jaz than one of the competing products simply because they are the most popular.
On the high end, SyJet costs about $300 (the 1.5-GB cartridges cost $66), and the 2-GB Iomega Jaz drive costs about $500 with a discouragingly high price of $170 for the cartridge.