Jean Baptiste André Godin

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Godin, Jean Baptiste André


Born Jan. 26, 1817, in Esquehéries; died Jan. 14, 1888, in Guise. French petit bourgeois reformer.

Godin was influenced by the ideas of Saint-Simon, E. Cabet, and especially C. Fourier. In 1859 he attempted to put into practice the idea of an association of producers-consumers at his iron foundry in the city of Guise. In accordance with Fourier’s teachings, the income of the familisté re (from French famille, family), as Godin called his organization, was to be divided between capital, labor, and talent. Godin was a deputy in the National Assembly from 1871 to 1876 and supported the moderate republicans. By the end of Godin’s life, his familistè re had already become a typical capitalist enterprise.


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