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Isabelle Graessle, a 46-year-old ordained minister with a PhD from Strasbourg (France), has been a pastor in Geneva since 1987 and, from 2001 to 2004, was the first woman to head the Company of Pastors, the theological and spiritual authority of Geneva's Protestant Church--a place originally occupied by Jean Calvin himself.
From celebrations in Latin America to exhibitions, debates and conferences in the United States, Canada, Europe and Russia, commemorative events are taking place around the world to mark the quincentenary of the birth of the French humanist and religious reformer, Jean Calvin.
Jean Calvin, La famine spirituelle (sermon inedit sur Esaie 55)
He begins with Paul, whom he discusses very briefly, and Augustine, whom he discusses judiciously but without the exhaustive detail one finds in Luchesius Smits's classic Saint Augustin dans l'oeuvre de Jean Calvin (Assen: Van Gorcum, 1957, 2 vols.
In Calviniana: Ideas and Influence of Jean Calvin, ed.
When Jean Calvin died in 1564 all his papers were left to his brother, who died nine years' later, leaving them to his twelve-year-old son.
Catholic orthodoxy, then, saw itself as threatened in the early 1620s by searchers into "the secrets of natural causes" who, practicing one or another form of Hermetic and cabalistic magic or alchemy, at the same time appropriated Christian doctrine for their own purposes; by deists and libertines, whose reaction against the hard doctrines of Jean Calvin led them to scoff at all of the more punitive tenets of Christianity; and also, increasingly, by Pyrrhonist skeptics, who threatened not so much the faith as its appendages of rational theology and scholastic philosophy.
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