Jean Dresch

Dresch, Jean


Born Nov. 30, 1905, in Paris. French geographer and geomorphologist; a professor since 1931.

Dresch taught at the University of Strasbourg (1945-47), has taught at the Sorbonne since 1948, and has been the director of the Institute of Geography of the University of Paris since 1960. His main works are on the origin and characteristics of the relief of the countries of the Atlas Mountains (mainly Morocco) and the Sahara and on the peneplanation planes of tropical West Africa. His monograph The Mediterranean (vols. 1-2, 1953-56; Russian translation, 1960-62), written in collaboration with P. Birot, is particularly well known. Dresch was made a foreign member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1966.


Essai sur revolution du relief dans la région prérifaine. Paris, 1933.
Recherches sur l’évolution du relief dans le massif central du Grand Atlas, le Haouz et le Sous. Paris, 1941.