Jean E. Sammet

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Jean E. Sammet

Author of several surveys of early programming languages, refererred to in many entries in this dictionary.


Relevant publications include:

[Sammet, Jean E., "Programming Languages: History and Fundamentals", P-H 1969. QA76.5 .S213]. The definitive work on early computer language development.

[Sammet, Jean E., "Programming Languages: History and Future", CACM 15(7):601-610, Jul 1972].

[Sammet, Jean E., "Roster of Programming Languages" Computers & Automation 16(6):80-82, June 1967; Computers & Automation 17(6):120-123, June 1968; Computers & Automation 18(7):153-158, June 1969; Computers & Automation 19(6B):6-11, 30 Nov 1970; Computers & Automation 20(6B):6-13, 30 Jun, 1971; Computers & Automation 21(6B), 30 Aug 1972; Computing Reviews 15(4): 147-160, April 1974; CACM 19(12):655-669, Dec 1976; SIGPLAN Notices 13(11):56, Nov 1978].

Jean E. Sammet

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