Jean Giraudoux

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Giraudoux, Jean


Born Oct. 29, 1882, in Bellac; died Jan. 31, 1944, in Paris. French writer. Fought in World War I(1914–18); later entered the foreign service; left government service in protest after H. P. Petain came to power (1940).

Giraudoux began to publish in 1904. His first stories, the collections The Provincials (1909) and The School for Indifference (1911; Russian translation, 1927), criticized the mores of the provincial bourgeoisie and revealed Giraudoux’s predilection for subtle irony, sarcasm, and paradox, which, however, were sometimes used for superficial effects. His books about war, notably Readings for a Shadow (1917) and Adorable Clio (1920), are ironic and stand in contrast to the chauvinistic literature of the period. In these books the dominant theme of Giraudoux’s work is first introduced, namely, pacifism and the defense of culture, the bearers of which, according to Qiraudoux, are lone intellectuals. These are the protagonists of the novels Passionate Simon (1918–26) and Suzanne and the Pacific Ocean (1921). Giraudoux’s best novels—Siegfried and Limousin (1922; Russian translation, 1927) and Bella (1926, Russian translation, 1927)—criticize nationalism and political manipulation behind the scenes. His plays Siegfried (1928), Amphitryon 38 (1929), Intermezzo (1933), Tiger at the Gates (1935), Electra (1937), and The Madwoman ofChaillot (published, 1946) depict in allegorical form important political events and mirror the writer’s anxiety over the threat of war.


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I will merely observe that for the Spanish vanguard novelist Benjamin Jarnes, Marcel Proust initiated the renovation of the French novel, which was further developed by Jean Giraudoux and Paul Morand.
Tambien se niega a tratar Phedre como mera pieza de museo y habla de su caracter de tragedia moderna, "que luego, con suaves ironias, con poesia, filosofia y arquitectura de hoy, habria de continuar el mas interesante de los comediografos modernos, Jean Giraudoux.
In 1929 there appeared a play entitled Amphitryon 38, meaning that it was the thirty - eighth treatment of the famous theme, by the French dramatist Jean Giraudoux (1882 - 1944).
Parisian persistence: An eccentric French countess battles corrupt businessmen who plot to dig up the streets of Paris so they can access oil they believe lies beneath them in "The Madwoman of Chaillot," a 1945 satire by Jean Giraudoux that still resonates today.
3) name and address of the holder globeo travel 343626750 18 rue jean giraudoux paris 75016 la france nuts code: Fr101 internet address: Http://www.
Seria, talvez, exagerado falar de uma influencia particular de Jean-Paul sobre a literatura contemporanea, e, contudo, o grande romantico alemao nao apenas seguiu os caminhos tambem tomados por certos escritores de nosso tempo: ele ainda se viu, por seu estilo metaforico, ao lado de um de nossos mais raros escritores, a ponto de aparecer como seu sosia exaltado, Jean Giraudoux.
Like Paul Claudel, for example, and Jean Giraudoux, Paul Morand successfully combined being a best-selling author and an important representative of the French government.
DENVER A Denver Center Theater Company presentation of a play in two acts by Jean Giraudoux.
In Europe itself modernism has been defined in much broader terms and included Proust and Woolf, as well as the various "isms" and the narrative work of Jean Giraudoux, which was quickly forgotten on both sides of the Atlantic.
mais, en utilisant comme reference Electre de Jean Giraudoux, elle suggere des rapprochements, d'autres significations possibles; elle donne ce sacrifice fait par
Tambien se da noticia de la actitud de los cronistas ante las innovadoras puestas en escena de algunos textos clasicos como Fuenteovejuna, El alcalde de Zalamea, El caballero de Olmedo o la Medea de Seneca y las representaciones de dramas extranjeros como Sigfried de Jean Giraudoux, Los fracasados, de Lenormand o La calle, de Elmer L.
Judith has been portrayed in literature by such authors as Geoffrey Chaucer, Friedrich Hebbel, Arnold Bennett, and Jean Giraudoux.