Jean Lacroix

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Lacroix, Jean


Born Dec. 23, 1900, in Lyon. French philosopher; exponent of personalism. Instructor of philosophy in Lyon since 1937. Editor of the philosophy department of the newspaper Le Monde since 1944.

Maintaining that Marxism regards the human being only in terms of his social essence, whereas existentialism limits itself to an analysis of the individual’s inner life, Lacroix advocated “overcoming” these two philosophies in personalism by means of assimilation and reworking. According to Lacroix, “reason” should be absorbed by the “spirit,” which must take in all the discoveries and achievements of contemporary civilization. The personalistic theory of knowledge is understood by Lacroix as the “theory of faith”; cognition, according to Lacroix, is the expression of the complete personality, its internal yearning, the “ontological longing for existence.” Being realized, this longing becomes a religious faith.


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Jean Lacroix also visited Centre for International Peace and Stability (CIPS), at National University of Science and Technology, (NUST).
By analyzing three little-known variations on the Romeo-and-Juliet theme by Italian authors (Salernitano, da Porto, Bandello), Jean Lacroix fills in gaps between the famous treatments of Dante and Shakepeare of this archetypical life-and-death tale.
Se presenta aqui un libro ideado y prologado por Jean Lacroix, quien reunio en un volumen un conjunto de articulos escritos en Esprit, Revue Philosophique y Recherches Philosophiques entre los anos 1934 y 1939.
Some of the contributors to this volume are: Georges Ulysse, Jose Guidi, Franco Fido, Jean Lacroix, Carmelo Alberti, Arturo Tosi and Claudio Milanesi.
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