Jean Louis Régnier

Régnier, Jean Louis


Born 1771; died 1814 in Paris. French general; count.

In the army from 1792, Régnier was adjutant to General C. Pichegru in 1794–95 and became chief of staff of the Army of the Rhine in 1796. Régnier commanded a division in the Egyptian Campaign of 1798–1801 and in France’s wars from 1805 to 1807 against the third and fourth coalitions in Italy. He was minister of war of the Kingdom of Naples in 1808. He commanded a corps from 1809 and was its commander in Portugal and Spain in 1810–11. During Napoleon’s campaign in Russia in 1812, Régnier was commander of the VII (Saxon) Corps, which operated in Volyn’, and in the 1813 campaign he fought in Germany. During the battle of Leipzig in 1813, the Saxons went over to the Allies and Régnier was captured. In an exchange of prisoners, he went to Paris, where he died soon afterward.