Jean Vilar

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Jean Vilar
BirthplaceSète, Hérault
Actor and director

Vilar, Jean


Born Mar. 25, 1912, in Sete, died there May 28, 1971. French actor and director.

In 1932, Vilar began his studies with C. Dullaine and per-formed in the Atelier Theater in Paris, where he also began his career as a director. In the period 1945-51 he acted and staged plays in various Parisian theaters. From 1951 to 1963 he was a director, actor, and producer at the National Popular Theater in Paris. Vilar developed R. Rolland’s idea of popular theater and believed that the art of the National Popular Theater must be in conformity with the needs of the democratic spectator. Vilar’s theater provided the impetus for a broad movement to establish popular theaters throughout France. Vilar staged mainly the classics of world drama, giving his productions sharply contemporary tone. Among his productions were Shakespeare’s Richard II (1947), in which he played the title role, Büchner’s Danton’s Death (1948), in which he played Robespierre, and Corneille’s Cid (1949), in which he played the king. Other productions and roles were Henry IV (1950, title role), Moliere’s The Miser (1952, Harpagon) and Dom Juan (1953, title role), Balzac’s The Doer (1957, Mercadet), and Brecht’s The Career of Arturo Ui (1960, title role). In 1961, Vilar produced Peace based on the play by Aristophanes. Beginning in 1947 he was permanent director of the drama festivals at Avignon; he appeared in films from 1946.


De la Tradition théâtrale. [Paris, 1965.]
In Russian translation:
O teatral’noi traditsii. Moscow, 1956.


Boiadzhiev, G. Teatral’nyi Parizh segodnia. Moscow, 1960.
Roy, C.Jean Vilar. [Paris, 1968.]
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Le metteur en scene, comedien, poete, calligraphe et realisateur du theatre a fait ses premiers pas dans la carriere en tissant des liens solides avec notamment les monstres sacres de la decentralisation dramatique theatrale francaise des annees 1950, a savoir Andre Voisin, Hubert Gignoux, Jean Vilar.
Varda relates how despondent she was when her photograph of the founder Jean Vilar performing at the Festival D 'Avignon developed partly out of focus.
Spectacular and expensive productions, such as the 1953 Aida in which Amneris arrived at the Temple of Isis on a floating barque, gave way to the simpler productions of Jean Vilar from 1969 onwards.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Theatrical Platform for the Mediterranean Demonstration is the outcome of a Syrian-French cultural cooperation, represented by the Syrian Ministry of Culture (Directorate of Theaters and Music -- the National Theatre) and Jean Vilar Theatre, Vitry-sur-Seine City in Paris.
As Jean Vilar, founder of the Avignon theatre festival once said, 'our aim is to organise an event which is elitaire but for everyone'.
Or try the four-star Mercure Cite des Papes, 1 rue Jean Vilar 84000 Avignon, France, www.
fr, 26, Place Horloge 84000 Avignon, France +33 4 90 82 21 45; or try the 4-starMercure Cite des Papes, 1 rue Jean Vilar 84000 Avignon, France, www.
The Maison Jean Vilar on the rue de Mons is named after the French theater director known for his innovative staging of classical plays.
Il m'a fait decouvrir la grande aventure du Theatre Populaire en France, dont il etait l'un des animateurs avec Bernard Dort, Jean Vilar, Gerard Philipe.
BNF technical center, 14, avenue Gutenberg in Bussy Saint Georges (77)difficult access sites and the important track time (historical sites) Richelieu Quadrilateral Library-Museum of the Opera, Place Charles Garnier in Paris (9th stop)Library arsenal, 1 rue de Sully in Paris (4th stop)The center Joel Theule, in Sable sur Sarthe (72)Maison Jean Vilar, 8 rue de Mons, Avignon (84)these operations can take place within the same site and between two or more sites.
The market is broken down into 6 lots - Lot # 1: preventive and corrective maintenance of elevators in the territory of the town of Vitry-sur-Seine (municipal buildings and Sidoresto)- Lot # 2: preventive and corrective maintenance of the lift device of holiday center in Meaudre (38)- Lot 3: preventive and corrective maintenance of the elevator apparatus of the holiday center Tannerre located Champignelles (89),- Lot # 4: preventive and corrective maintenance of the lift device of holiday center in Gassin (83)- Lot # 5: preventive and corrective maintenance of the elevator apparatus of holiday center of La Peyre located Montemboeuf (16)- Lot # 6: preventive and corrective maintenance of the scissor lift Theatre Jean Vilar.