Jean Charles Athanase Peltier

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Jean Charles Athanase Peltier

Peltier, Jean Charles Athanase


Born Feb. 22, 1785, in Ham, department of Somme; died Oct. 27, 1845, in Paris. French physicist and meteorologist.

Peltier worked as a clockmaker for the firm of A. L. Bréguet. Upon receiving an inheritance in 1815, he devoted himself to science. His scientific works are concerned with thermoelectricity, electromagnetism, and meteorology. In 1834, Peltier discovered the effect that has been named after him. He also developed and improved a number of electrical measuring instruments, including the electrometer.


Observations et recherches expérimentales sur les causes qui concourent à la formation des trombes. Paris, 1840.
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This is achieved by passing an electric charge through two dissimilar conductors which, as discovered by 19th Century physicist Jean-Charles Peltier, lowers the temperature of the 'Peltier element'.
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