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Another chapter on Jean-Luc Goddard connects the controversial auteur to French historiographical tradition and quotes without comment his puzzling assertion that "'only the French have been interested in history'" (309).
It follows Errol as he searches for a long lost film of Jean-Luc Goddard, a project that's been buried since 1967.
The final chapter examines Jean-Luc Goddard as an artist whose life and works, the author feels, closely mirror Nabokov's.
What collective name was given by critics to the French film-makers Francois Truffaut, Claude Chabrol and Jean-Luc Goddard in the late 1950s?
Swiss films have enjoyed some success at the Locarno festival, with such Swiss film luminaries as director Daniel Schmid, Alain Tanner and Jean-Luc Goddard all taking away the festival's honours at one point or another.
Other victims have been French Culture Minister Phillipe Douste-Blazy, Swiss film-maker Jean-Luc Goddard and French writer Bernard Henri-Levy.
She turned down the chance, for instance, to be filmed by the French director Jean-Luc Goddard walking up and down stairs naked talking about emancipation (for what purpose was never made clear) because her breasts were 'too floppy'.