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Her spokesman said: "Jeanne Moreau was a master of the acting craft.
Iconic French actress Jeanne Moreau was found dead at her Paris home aged 89, the district's mayor told ( Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Monday.
A brilliant ploy, it was nonetheless rather less exciting than the tale as dramatised in the 1964 film The Train, starring Burt Lancaster and Jeanne Moreau. Estimate $35m-$50m.
(Agnes Varda would repeat this process, writing a new movie frantically to make a deadline, when she wrote Le Bonheur [1965] after the Centre Nationale de la Cinematographie [CNC] turned down her initial script for Les Creatures [1966].) Fortunately, Jeanne Moreau had already told Demy after seeing Lola that she would like to work with him one day.
The cast also included John Gielgud, Margaret Rutherford and French actress Jeanne Moreau and the title came from Henry VI Part Two.
The cast also included John Gielgud, Margaret Rutherford and French actress Jeanne Moreau and the film was shot in Spain on a budget of $800,000.
moreau moreau .., the only work that moves away from the parameters of the canvas, the famous French actress Jeanne Moreau's pout is transferred onto a silk textile that, when lifted by the gallery visitor, reveals a print of Schmidt's contact sheet from which the image was culled and upon which Dertnig has made a drawing.
He became almost as famous as his subjects, who ranged from models like Jean Shrimpton (his lover at the time) and Twiggy to actors like Peter Ustinov, Jeanne Moreau and Oliver Reed to the infamous gangsters the Kray brothers.
The bride carried a romantic mix of white peonies, Jeanne Moreau and White Majolica roses, and ranunculus hand-tied with lace from her mother's wedding gown.
Apres Charlotte Rampling en 2001 et Jeanne Moreau en 2002, Isabelle Huppert est la troisieme femme a presider le Jury Long Metrage du Festival de Marrakech.
Truffaut's timeless meditation, now stunningly restored, on loving more than one person at the same time features Jeanne Moreau in one of her iconic performances.
If she had worked primarily in film, Maleczech would be ranked alongside Anna Magnani, Geraldine Page, Jeanne Moreau, Helen Mirren and Judi Dench--world-renowned, consummately skilled actors whose earthiness, authority, intelligence, feminine strength and, at times, scaly darkness carved new depths in the portrayal of human experience.