Jeanne d'Arc

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Jeanne d'Arc:

see Joan of ArcJoan of Arc,
Fr. Jeanne D'Arc (zhän därk), 1412?–31, French saint and national heroine, called the Maid of Orléans; daughter of a farmer of Domrémy on the border of Champagne and Lorraine.
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Cornell Hotel de France and Jeanne d'Arc Restaurant
Jeanne D'Arc more recently learned that its expansion plans were officially accepted by the Office of the Commissioner of Banks in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
Altogether, the first twenty women, listed in the order in which they registered at Laval, were: Jeanne d'Arc Lemay (1942), Therese Lemay (1942), Magdeleine Therrien (1942), Lucille Gauthier (1944), Ghislaine Gagne (1945), Pauline Shink (1945), Marguerite Choquette (1947), Ginette Fournier (1947), Claire L'Heureux (1948), Judith Gamache (1948), Jacqueline Beaupre (1949), Edith Lemay (1949), Calin Morin (1949), Lucile Thibault (1949), Annette April (1950), Helene Cannon (1950), Andree Morin (1950), Madeleine Rousseau (1950), Gabrielle Vallee (1950) and Louise Galipeault (1951).
Yet over the course of his literary career, Peguy used the figure of Jeanne d'Arc both to criticize and to reconstruct Christian doctrines about judgment and damnation.
Early in the film, we see Fanni sleeping through a showing of Dreyer's 1928 film La Passion de Jeanne D'Arc, with a scene in which Joan at her trial speaks of suffering, and her redemption through death.
The 700 million barrel project, in the Jeanne d'Arc Basin, 350 km (200 miles) southeast of St John's, Newfoundland, is well below the Arctic Circle.
Le film se distingue par cette construction singuliere d'un montage entre l'histoire de Jeanne d'Arc (1429) et l'histoire d'un soldat anglais dans la Grande Guerre (1916).
Stake out The [ETH]glise Jeanne d'Arc marks the site where the heroic teenager was burned at the stake on May 30, 1431.
A move to Celtic would be a huge step up for Diawara who quit Dakarbased Jeanne D'Arc four years ago to try his luck in Portugal.
A TORRID EYE" (ED #872) A demimondaine's Demand-- Kohl-dark, jet-dark-- A Jeanne d'Arc look-- The koh-i-noor's-- Start--Or a black Diamond's heart-- A star Diamond Mine's Depth-- Deep as her Mind's Own Word-hoard mined For half-whored Words-- Adored--redeemed-- By whom they deemed All but damned.
The new licences provide further growth opportunities near Statoil's Mizzen discovery in the Flemish Pass Basin and near existing infrastructure in the Jeanne d'Arc Basin, Tim Dodson, senior vice president of Statoil's global exploration unit, said.
1 LA PASSION DE JEANNE D'ARC (THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC, 1928) Its dialogue drawn from the original trial documents, Carl Theodor Dreyer's film is primarily composed of close-ups.