Jeanne d'Arc

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Jeanne d'Arc:

see Joan of ArcJoan of Arc,
Fr. Jeanne D'Arc (zhän därk), 1412?–31, French saint and national heroine, called the Maid of Orléans; daughter of a farmer of Domrémy on the border of Champagne and Lorraine.
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The Pope, for example, reconciles the religious icon that he strives to be with the man that he is, in a process similar to the process that Webster's Jeanne D'Arc follows as she reconciles the saint she aims to be with the woman that she is.
Yet over the course of his literary career, Peguy used the figure of Jeanne d'Arc both to criticize and to reconstruct Christian doctrines about judgment and damnation.
En effet, aujourd'hui, Jeanne d'Arc n'apparait plus a l'evidence comme une reference cle de notre memoire collective.
Tom is married to Jeanne--"spelled like Jeanne d'Arc.
Brecht's Der Prozess der Jeanne d'Arc zu Rouen 1431 and Die Geschichte tier Simone Machard
But God made it possible for him to spend the last years of his life with another exceptional lady, Jeanne D'Arc.
Belzebuth, from the Brasserie Jeanne d'Arc in northern France, debuted in 1997 at 15 percent alcohol by volume, and is brewed in the style of a Belgian strong golden ale.
In a play entitled Jeanne d'Arc, a sympathetic gesture is made towards De Gaulle, who had chosen the cross of Lorraine as a symbol.
The term had become more and more ambiguously and loosely applied, and a number of hybrid forms had appeared, including works like Igor Stravinsky's Oedipus rex (titled "opera-oratorio" by its composer) and Arthur Honegger's Jeanne d'Arc au bucher, both designed to be performed with scenery, costumes, and action.
But today's opposition looks much weaker and Deemar is given a confident vote to score from Jeanne D'Arc.