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Running his own production company called Broadside with four friends - already old hands in producing promos for organisations, events and businesses - Tom has, to date, made several finished films and has spent the last 10 months producing and directing his second feature-length film called The Legend of Jebus Crisp, which he also wrote.
Josephus Flavius' Antiquities of the Jews elaborates on the biblical intimations that David's conquest of the town of Jebus may have been relatively nonviolent, without massacre or expulsion, and may have allowed for peaceful coexistence with the original inhabitants, who are referred to variously as the "inhabitants of the land" or the "inhabitants of Jerusalem" (see II Sam.
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One poster wrote: "Is it just me, or does Nikki Hayes annoy the jebus out of you?
jebus presenta tres subespecies, de las cuales el ejemplar del estudio coincide con la descripcion de la subespecie Z.
caliph: Islamic leader considered a successor of Muhammad * Jebusite: a pre-Israelite tribe living in and around the city of Jebus, which may have become the site of Jerusalem
In Absalom and Achitophel (1681), Dryden remarks that the increasing weakness of the Catholic minority invited bullying: "And every loss the men of Jebus bore,/They still were thought God's enemies the more" (90-91).