Jedrzej Sniadecki

Sniadecki, Jędrzej


Born Nov. 30, 1768, in Żnin, Poland; died May 12, 1838, in Vilnius. Polish chemist and physician.

Sniadecki studied in Kraków, Pavia, and Edinburgh. From 1797 to 1822 he was a professor of chemistry at the University of Vilnius. He is the author of the first university chemistry textbook in Polish (two vols., 1800). The book reflected the anti-philogistic views of A. L. Lavoisier. In his book Theory of Organic Beings (three vols., 1804–38), Sniadecki set forth ideas on the cyclic movement of elements in nature and on the exchange of substances in organisms.


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A 60-year-old man was admitted to the Department of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology of Jedrzej Sniadecki Provincial Polyclinical Hospital of Bialystok due to pain in the middle epigastrium, chronic diarrhoea with loose bowels up to 8 in 24 hours, occasionally containing blood, a subfebrile state up to 37.4[degrees]C and significant weight loss (about 20 kg during last 4 months).
Tenders are invited for transport service with a transport ambulance and lifeguard, transport ambulance without a lifeguard for patients of the specialist hospital jedrzej sniadecki in nowy sacz