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uninc. city (1990 pop. 25,782), Fairfax co., N Va. It is a residential suburb of Washington, D.C.


Thomas. 1743--1826, US statesman: secretary of state (1790--93); third president (1801--09). He was the chief drafter of the Declaration of Independence (1776), the chief opponent of the centralizing policies of the Federalists under Hamilton, and effected the Louisiana Purchase (1803)
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The variant, which has never been observed outside the Jefferson family, also appeared in Eston's relatives, but not in the Carr brothers' progeny.
Jefferson National's Monument Advisor goes back to the basics of what variable annuities should have been all along: simple, low-cost tax-deferral that lets consumers save substantially more for retirement than their IRA or 401(k).
Jefferson received the offering with enthusiasm, but consuming the delicacy created some special problems.
It set the tone for the Court's modern religion-clause jurisprudence and was significant because Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, a former Baptist Sunday school teacher, popularized the 'wall of separation' metaphor that Roger Williams and Thomas Jefferson talked about in earlier days.
Jefferson illuminates the varied landscapes in which the consummate entertainer has both flourished and faltered as a ringmaster and freak, manager and minstrel, breadwinner and child, virgin and sex symbol, child protector and accused pedophile, whose questionable grip on reality isn't really the question.
In the 1800 election, John Adams had argued that the Francophile Jefferson would destroy America's Christian heritage just as the French revolutionaries had undermined their own religious legacy.
The property was acquired from Jefferson OPCO, LLC for $17.
Jefferson Wells is not a public accounting firm and does not perform attest work, thereby helping clients avoid the conflict of interest issues that can arise when an external auditor also provides internal audit services.
On the cold, rainy morning of March 4, 1801, Chief Justice John Marshall administered the oath of office to Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the U.
Interested in eradicating all signs of the Federalist "Court," Jefferson arrived in Washington with a different game plan: no more levees, no more gaudy displays or dress, and a relaxation of the diplomatic protocol treating foreign ambassadors as dignitaries.
This meant that Madison was dwarfed by Virginia's other eminent leaders such as the tall and athletic George Washington and the even taller but lanky Thomas Jefferson.
Indeed, while other national leaders of the time were emancipating their slaves and responding to the irrepressible thrusts of egalitarian rhetoric, Thomas Jefferson was expanding his slave population and erecting special walls that secluded them from his majestic Monticello in Virginia.

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