see JahangirJahangir
or Jehangir
, 1569–1627, Mughal emperor of India (1605–27), son of Akbar. He continued his father's policy of expansion. The Rajput principality of Mewar (Udaipur) capitulated in 1614.
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LAHORE -- Tributes were paid to former Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) president and human rights activist (late) Asma Jehangir in a condolence reference held by at Lahore High Court Bar Associations's (LHCBA) Javed Iqbal Auditorium here on Tuesday.
ISLAMABAD -- A new, annual scholarship honouring the legacy of Asma Jehangir was announced yesterday by the British High Commission.
ISLAMABAD -- Ali Jehangir Siddiqui, son of Jehangir Siddiqui who is the founder of JS Group, has been appointed as Pakistan's Ambassador to US and will assume charge next month upon retirement of Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry, Geo News quoted sources as saying.
Speaking about the announcement, Asma Jehangir's daughter, Sulema Jehangir said:'Asma Jehangir believed passionately in the importance of higher education.
ISLAMABAD -- The British High Commission on Thursday announced a new annual scholarship honouring the legacy of the late human rights activist Asma Jehangir .
ISLAMABAD: A new annual scholarship honouring the legacy of famed rights activist Asma Jehangir was announced on Thursday by the British High Commission on Thursday.
Asma Jehangir - Pakistan's globally known champion of human rights and acclaimed lawyer - picked up the phone in just the second ring.
For women in Pakistan, Asma Jehangir was a lodestone of inspiration.
Islamabad -- The National Assembly and Senate Monday passed separate resolutions recognizing the services of human rights activist Asma Jehangir for democracy, rule of law and constitutionalism.
Dildar Hussain, 40, and Mohammad Jehangir, 35, both residents of Khai village, were going to the nearby, Bhoun village, on a motorcycle.
Dashcam footage from a police car last year was said to show officers chasing Kasar Jehangir as he and a passenger ditched bags of heroin on a motorway.
CRASH victim Kasar Jehangir was jailed for 36 months in November 2016 after he was involved in a 130mph police chase, it was reported today.