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city (1990 pop. 11,305), seat of Jefferson Davis parish, SW La., on the Mermentau River; inc. 1888. Cotton and rice are grown, there is a bottling plant, and drugs, machinery, apparel, and water-treatment systems are manufactured.
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And yet-- feeling this as I certainly did--it is not to be denied that Ezra Jennings made some inscrutable appeal to my sympathies, which I found it impossible to resist.
Ezra Jennings replied that he had a patient to see, and that he was walking my way.
I observed that the pretty servant girl-- who was all smiles and amiability, when I wished her good morning on my way out--received a modest little message from Ezra Jennings, relating to the time at which he might be expected to return, with pursed-up lips, and with eyes which ostentatiously looked anywhere rather than look in his face.
Candy's illness on his side, Ezra Jennings now appeared determined to leave it to me to resume the subject.
It is almost a miracle," said Ezra Jennings, "that he lived through it.
His memory of events, at that past time, is hopelessly enfeebled," said Ezra Jennings.
Ezra Jennings looked at me, with a sudden flash of interest in his dreamy brown eyes.
Ezra Jennings stopped for a moment, and picked some wild flowers from the hedge by the roadside.
I can add nothing which will make the description more accurate," answered Ezra Jennings.
At odds and ends of time," Ezra Jennings went on, "I reproduced my shorthand notes, in the ordinary form of writing--leaving large spaces between the broken phrases, and even the single words, as they had fallen disconnectedly from Mr.
Put yourself in my position for a moment," said Ezra Jennings.
Jennings, Lady Middleton's mother, was a good-humoured, merry, fat, elderly woman, who talked a great deal, seemed very happy, and rather vulgar.