Jenny Marx

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Marx, Jenny


(maiden name, von Westphalen). Born Feb. 12, 1814, in Salzwedel; died Dec. 2, 1881, in London. Wife, friend, and comrade of Karl Marx.

Jenny von Westphalen broke with the aristocratic milieu in which she was born and married Marx in 1843. She served as his secretary, making copies of his manuscripts for publication and corresponding with a number of leading figures in the international working-class movement. She staunchly and courageously bore the persecution to which the Marx family was subjected and all the calamities of life in exile, which contributed to the deaths of four of her children. For 40 years Jenny Marx “not only shared the fortune, labors, and struggle of her husband but took part in them with the fullest understanding and the most glowing enthusiasm” (F. Engels, in K. Marx and F. Engels, Soch., 2nd ed., vol. 19, p. 300).


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