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["Gerald: An Exceptional Lazy Functional Programming Language", A.C. Reeves et al, in Functional Programming, Glasgow 1989, K. Davis et al eds, Springer 1990].
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(Herald), an island in the Chukchi Sea, 70 km east of Wrangel Island in the Chukchi National Okrug, Magadan’ Oblast, RSFSR. Area, approximately 10 sq km; maximum elevation, 366 m. It is covered with tundra flora. On the northwest the island ends in a narrow (60-70 m) spit of sand and gravel. The island was discovered in 1849 by the English naval captain H. Kellett and named in honor of the ship he commanded, the Herald.

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A rise in nicotine dependence among young cigarette smokers wouldn't surprise Jerald G.
Tim, a minister, performed the ceremony at a church camp in Irvine, Kentucky, once managed by the brothers' late father, Jerald. Another brother, Jerald Jr, was best man.
Jerald Milanich, an archaeologist at the Florida Museum of Natural History and one of the major contributors to the renaissance in the study of Spanish Florida, presents his synthesis from the perspective of the experiences of the native peoples of the southeast, and the missions as an element of colonialism.
Guidicelli also stars in the upcoming surfing indie film 'Mina-Anud,' alongside actors Dennis Trillo and Jerald Napoles.
The EMB group of Laguna, supported by veteran llamador Jerald Picazo, will host the event which requires an entry fee of P33,000.
It also pointed out that the inquiry on the abductions was not unique, but the ninth in the commission's history, Suhakam vice-president Jerald Joseph said in a statement today.
Jerald: "We will see a modern perspective of Filipinos and families.
Jerald Ramsey is now retired but worked as a banker most of his life.
In this third volume in the series, Jerald Horst, who worked as a marine advisory agent and taught fisheries science at Louisiana State U., and Glenda Horst, the daughter of a commercial fisherman, describe crabbing, the work of crabbers, and provide crab recipes.
ZP Management & Investment Co., led by Jerald Barnett Jr.
Jerald was born, April 12th 1963 in Worcester, he graduated from Worcester Boys Trade and lived in Worcester before moving to Westboro recently.
Musicians for the ceremony included pianist Lauren Zumwalt; vocal soloist/duet Linda McMurphy, aunt of the groom; and vocal duet Jerald Ainsworth, father of the groom.