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(both: jĕr`bə), or


(jär`–), island, 197 sq mi (510 sq km), SE Tunisia, in the Mediterranean Sea at S entrance to the Gulf of Qabis. Fruit and olives are grown on the island, once identified as the land of the lotus eaters. It was anciently an important Phoenician trading center, and much later a base for Spanish and Ottoman corsairs. The island's extensive Roman remains and beaches make the island a popular tourist destination, and the El Ghriba synagogue is the site of an annual pilgrimmage. Jerba has an international airport.
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Yesterday morning, thousands of Egyptian nationals fleeing the unrest in Libya were evacuated by planes from Jerba airport to Cairo airport after Tunisian border guards denied them entry to Tunisia, AFP reported.
SNC Gets US Diplomatic Mission As Jerba Seeks Advance Arms: Syrian National Coalition's formal diplomatic mission in Washington now acts as the only legitimate representative of Syrian interests in the US.
In 1871 the US had seven consular agents in the towns of Jerba, Goleta, Mehdia, Monastir, Sfax.
Masmoudi, "Novel design of MEMS ohmic RF switch with low voltage actuation," in Proceedings of IEEE 3rd the International Conference on Signals, Circuits and Systems (SCS '09), Jerba, Tunisia, November 2009.
There is also very nice desert three or four hours from Jerba with heated tents and very nice facilities.
Among their topics are Muslim pilgrims at Marian shrines, how Pharping people manage an exclusivist response to the procession of Vajrayogini, ritual polytropy in China, the Ghriba on the Island of Jerba or the re-invention of a shared shrine as a metonym for a multicultural Tunisia, and new ancestral shrines after the Cold War.
Other cities in Tunisia include Carthage, Jerba, Hammamet, Bizerte, Sousse, Sfax and Kairouan.
It said Health Minister Mohammed Hijazi and Social Affairs Minister Ibrahim Sherif arrived on Sunday in the tourist resort of Jerba, southern Tunisia, where the talks were underway.
'North Africa is a strategic region for our expansion plans and we will continue to seek additional opportunities in Tunisia, in Jerba and Hammamet; in Morocco, in Casablanca and Marrakech, as well as in Egypt.' Copyright 2008