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Their topics include a world astir: Europe and religion in the early 15th century, Wyclif's early reception in Bohemia and his influence on the thought of Jerome of Prague, determinism between Oxford and Prague: the late Wyclif's retractions and their defense ascribed to Peter Payne, interpreting the intention of Christ: Roman responses to Bohemian utraquism from Constance to Basel, preparing for Easter: sermons on the Eucharist in English Wycliffite Sermons, and re-forming the life of Christ.
Notwithstanding the Introduction's disclaimer, Kantik Ghosh addresses heresy and the policing of intellectual debate in the trials of Richard Fleming, Jerome of Prague, and Jan Hus, all of whom were accused of following Wyclif.
The articles devoted to the final theme focus on issues of philosophical realism at Prague, especially the problem of universals, the influence of Wycliffe upon both John Hus and Jerome of Prague, and listings of sources from Prague library collections relating to these matters.
the false teaching of Rome--with such scholars as John Wycliff, Jerome of Prague and John Huss, the central messages of the Sermons are the spiritual union with Christ through regeneration and that the history of the Church shows that God will not desert the faithful.
The geographical range of the papers is extended by Peter Biller's analysis of modes of interrogation used by the inquisitors in Languedoc and Frantisek Smahel's examination of the acta of the trial of Jerome of Prague.