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Helms, Jesse Alexander,

1921–2008, U.S. senator from North Carolina (1973–2003), b. Monroe, N.C. He served in the navy, chiefly as a recruiter, during World War II. A local radio broadcasting executive (1948–51), Helms gained prominence (1960–72) as a staunchly conservative, segregation-defending Raleigh, N.C., radio and television commentator and a syndicated newspaper columnist. He also served (1957–61) on the Raleigh City Council. In 1970 he changed his party affiliation from Democratic to Republican, and in 1972 he was elected to the U.S. Senate from North Carolina. Known for his outspoken, often unyielding support of right-wing causes, Helms retired after serving five terms in the Senate. He championed a strong military establishment and prayer in the public schools while opposing school busing, civil-rights legislation, foreign aid, gun control, abortion rights, gay rights, and government support for the arts. A polarizing figure, he often blocked Senate votes, forced roll calls, and opposed presidents, earning him the nickname "Senator No." Helms chaired the Senate agriculture committee (1981–87) and foreign relations committee (1995–2001).


See his memoir (2005); biography by W. A. Link (2008).

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Information Agency (USIA) was being folded into the State Department as part of a tragically flawed decision to appease Senator Jesse Helms and free up money to pay off the huge United States arrears in its United Nations payments.
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Former five-term North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms, retired since 2002, finally succumbed at 86 after a long career on the forefront of American conservatism during the Cold War and thereafter.
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Senator Jesse Helms's attempt in 1985 to remove the tax exemption of all Wiccan groups and former U.S.
Jesse Helms, a retired Conservative and five-times Senator, shocked Americans for years with his rabid rants about gays who, he said, had brought Aids upon themselves with "their reckless sexual behaviour".
Jesse Helms If ever a politician deserved to have a gay or lesbian descendant, it would have to be Jesse Helms; and behold, his granddaughter Jennifer Knox is apparently a lesbian who has been in a committed relationship with another woman for three years.
He asks the reader to "imagine Jesse Jackson, Jesse Helms, and Jesse Ventura each writing a history of the Clinton presidency" to emphasize his point that all writing in the humanities is subjective.
Army Corps of Engineers' $108 million Oregon Inlet jetties project in North Carolina, a pork-barrel scheme that had long been championed by now-retired senator Jesse Helms. The jetties, dubiously promoted as a benefit to local fishermen, could have ravaged Cape Hatteras National Seashore and Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge by accelerating beach erosion.