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see Kota KinabaluKota Kinabalu
, formerly Jesselton,
town (1991 pop. 160,122), capital of Sabah, Malaysia, in N Borneo and on a small inlet of the South China Sea. It is the chief port and the financial and industrial center of the state .
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, Malaysia.
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AGAS operatives also carried out sabotage of communication lines and other appropriate diversionary activity north of Jesselton.
The greatest threat to colonial administrators' equanimity in Kuching and Jesselton came not from anti-colonial campaigners or shadowy subversives but from visiting American journalists on the lookout for oppressed "natives.
who had worked in journalism in Jesselton and was now enrolled at the University of Queensland.
The Japanese and Formosans--themselves now prisoners--are paraded, forced to salute the Union Jack and marched off to prison in Jesselton.
1) Ranau was "a pretty town at the base of Mount Kinabalu," straddling east-west bridle paths and waterways, site of an airfield, and a transit point between Sandakan and Jesselton (p.
Earlier in his career, however, he been First Secretary in Kuching (1964-5), Jesselton (1965-7), Brunei Town (1967), and Jakarta (1970-2).
Vera Chok, a native of Borneo, returned to Jesselton (now Kota Kinabalu) from advanced teacher training programs at San Diego State University and the University of Missouri.
From there on the memories are mostly Tina's, but the horror of the Second World War was still in the minds of residents of Jesselton, what is now Kota Kinabalu.
In 1956 Landgraf submitted an "Interim Report to the Government of British North Borneo on Field Work Done in 1954-55," which appeared the same year (1956) as a short 26-page report, printed by the Government Printing Department in Jesselton.
While Mat Sator and Mat Daud were killed, Kamunta survived to lead a series of attacks on Yuaran, Jesselton, and Pandasan.
The wooden edifice, one of the few buildings in Sabah's capital to have survived aerial bombardment during World War II, was built in memory of Francis George Atkinson, the first District Officer of Jesselton, following his death from suspected malaria.
The representatives of Selangor (Ttmgku Klana Jaya Petra and Dato Kayu Abdul Hamid), Sarawak (the Resident of Miri and a Native Officer) and British North Borneo (the Resident of Jesselton and a Native Officer) than went forward in turn and delivered their messages.