Jessica Mitford

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Jessica Mitford
Jessica Lucy Freeman-Mitford
BirthplaceGloucestershire, England
Investigative Journalist
Known for Mitford sister, Communist, Hons and Rebels, The American Way of Death

Mitford, Jessica:

see under Mitford, NancyMitford, Nancy,
1904–73, English novelist and biographer, b. London. She managed a London bookshop during World War II and moved to Paris in 1945. Mitford and her five celebrated and politically diverse sisters (Jessica, see below; Pamela, 1907–94; Diana,
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According to Davis, Waugh learned of the plans to change his story through reports of an interview given by Richardson in 1964, shortly after Jessica Mitford's book was published.
Jessica Mitford did not ally herself with "feminists, by which she seems to have meant women who complained, or insisted on scrutinizing their own troubles or feelings.
In The Way of Death, Jessica Mitford calls embalming unnecessary, just another way funeral directors turn a profit, and cited a pathologist who said it ultimately turned the corpse into a "repugnant, moldy, foul-looking object."
A typical late-nineteenth-century bill, quoted by Jessica Mitford in her 1963 groundbreaking indictment of the funeral industry, The American Way of Death, showed that embalming ran around $10; renting a hearse, $8 to $10; washing and dressing, $5.
Even so, one can imagine how the feisty critic Jessica Mitford might have reacted to the touring antics of her forebearer, the First Lord Redesdale John Mitford, one of Black's regular informants in The British Way of Travelling.
Chapter One, entitled "Preliminaries" deals with the American Way of Death and analyzes Jessica Mitford's expose.
California Association of Midwives (CAM) and Consumer Advocates for the Licensure of Midwifery (CALM) decided to work for this bill, a type of "pilot program," because of all the new optimism of the Clinton Administration's attention to health care, and in the wake of increased consumer outrage from Jessica Mitford's book, The American Way of Birth, in addition to the momentum gained from last year's successes with SB-1190 (which was the first midwifery bill to pass through any committee, though it was killed at the next committee).
Meanwhile, Jessica Mitford, more muckraking social reformer than humorist, is afforded a full article.
And what of Jessica Mitford? The second youngest of the Mitford sisters, she fled her bizarre aristocratic family for a cousin, communism, and the United States, where she lived until the end of her life.
Jessica Mitford never forgave her Nazisympathising sisters and was a fearless civil rights activist in America in the 1960s.
Clinton is a hardened Marxist, recruited to Stalinism when she interned for Bob Treuhaft, husband of Jessica Mitford, in 1972.
She makes heavy weather, for example, out of Hillary's summer law school internship with Oakland lawyer Robert Treuhaft, the avowed communist who was married to the late Jessica Mitford. "While it is easy to see why a young, idealistic law student might have gone to work for Treuhaft in 1972," Milton intones, "one would also hope that she would eventually come to see that communism was not just a colorful variant of leftish idealism.