Jesuit Relations

Jesuit Relations,

annual reports and narratives written by French Jesuit missionaries at their stations in New France (America) between 1632 and 1673. They are invaluable as historical sources for French exploration and native relations and also as a record of the various indigenous tribes of the region before the influence of settlers and missionaries had changed them. Published originally in Paris in annual volumes, they were translated and edited by R. G. Thwaites (73 vol., 1896–1901).


See bibliography by J. C. McCoy, Jesuit Relations of Canada, 1632–1673 (1937, repr. 1973).

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He filled some of the gaps in the stories by using Jesuit Relations and the work of William Fenton.
See the many volumes of Jesuit Relations written in 17th-century Canada.
The first is the Quebec superiors' annals, known better as the Jesuit Relations, published annually in France between 1632 and 1673.
Poems from the jesuit relations sequence have been appearing since early 2010.
Unfortunately, the author's conclusions are drawn entirely from European sources, mostly the Jesuit Relations, so the Wendat perspective is gained primarily through intelligent speculation.
ibid) and the literary history of the Jesuit Relations and works of E.
Markey, the associate director of admissions for Jesuit relations at Holy Cross, has been friends with Harney since they attended HC.
The Jesuit Relations, "On the Manner of Living Among the Christians of Sillery" chapter 4, found online at http://puffin.
If their open purses bought them gratitude in some quarters, (63) comfortable Jesuit relations with women always attracted female Christians, who formed the majority of believers.
According to the Jesuit Relations, a young Huron-Wendat girl sang the Huron Carol for the first time in recorded history in 1668.
10) Peter Marshall maintains that Lahontan was better known in England than were the Jesuit Relations, the then authoritative source on North America; Jonathan Israel contends that Lahontan's "Nouveaux Voyages (New Voyages) .