Jet Engine Oil

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Jet Engine Oil


any one of a group of aviation motor oils used for lubricating turbojet and turboprop engines. Both petroleum oils and synthetic oils are used in jet engines.

The oils in the turbine bearings of jet engines operate at very high loads and temperatures. Therefore, the most important operating characteristic of jet oils is good lubricating action at relatively low viscosity (3–7 centistokes at 100°C) with high resistance to oxidation and a low solidification point (as low as - 60°C). The vast majority of jet oils contain additives. The USSR produces more than ten types of jet oils, which are used in various types of turbojet and turboprop engines.


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The toxins, found in substances including jet engine oil, have been linked to several deaths under the term Aerotoxic syndrome.
It is suspected that in many cases the fumes are caused by leaks of hydraulic fluid or jet engine oil from faulty lines or seals into super-heated engine parts.