Jez, Teodor Tomasz

Jez, Teodor Tomasz


(pseudonym of Zygmunt Milkowski). Born Mar. 23, 1824, in the village of Saraceia, present-day Rybnitsa Raion, Moldavian SSR; died Jan. 11, 1915, at Lausanne. Polish writer; prominent in the Polish national liberation movement and a participant in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

Jeż’s first works were novellas portraying subjects drawn from peasant life. Notable are his historical novels about the struggle of the Balkan peoples against the Turkish yoke: Galloping Off (1870; Russian translation, 1870–71), The Bride of Harambash (1872; Russian translation, 1874), and At Daybreak (1890; Russian translation, 1899). Jeż wrote a series of novels dealing with Poland’s past, notably Derstaw From Rytwian (1872) and In the Time of King Olbracht (1876). Jeż was also known as a publicist.


In Russian translation:
Na rassvete. Moscow, 1959.


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