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see KiaochowKiaochow
or Jiaozhou
, former German territory, area c.200 sq mi (520 sq km), along the southern coast of Shandong prov., China. Its administrative center was the city of Qingdao. Germany leased Kiaochow in 1898 for 99 years, but in 1914 Japan seized it.
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, China.
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Although Beijing denied the report, tensions were especially high in the region Wednesday as Chinese state media, the only media to cover China's latest drill, described Jiaozhou Bay beach landings of soldiers and hardware under cover of electromagnetic interference to mask their approach.
Bi Ming Guang, Assistant General Manager of Qingdao Greentown Jiaozhou Bay Real Estate Development Company.
A study on the meat condition of the bay scallop in Jiaozhou Bay.
However, previous researches on bivalves in Jiaozhou Bay most focused on the biomass, population dynamics and community ecology (Li et al.
In the present study, we selected three representative bivalve species living in intertidal area and subtidal raft-culturing farm in Jiaozhou Bay and determined their food sources using lipid biomarker and stable carbon isotope analysis.
But Xinhua, citing rescuers, reported that some oil had leaked into Jiaozhou Bay through a rainwater pipeline, with about 3,000 square metres of sea water being contaminated with fires and explosions on the waters at the bay's entrance.
Oil covered about 1 square kilometre of Qingdao's Zhaitangdao Road and 3 square kilometres of Jiaozhou Bay, the government's Xinhua news agency quoted officials as saying.
Some of the oil had spilled into Jiaozhou Bay through the rainwater pipeline, and about 3,000 square meters of sea water was polluted by oil, said the rescue headquarters.
The new hotel is owned by Qingdao Greentown Jiaozhou Bay Real Estate Development Company, and has 270 guest rooms, including 31 suites.
INNOVATION The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in Qingdao Province BUILDING BRIDGES Employees from Dream Laboratory (including Dr Glen Kemp and Dr Wei Chen (third and second right) were in China to sign a memorandum of understanding with representatives of the Qingdao University of China
farreri were collected in Jiaozhou Bay in December 2009 and taken to the laboratory within 4 h, and acclimated in a 50-L tank of aerated seawater.
7-mile) Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, the Global Times said.