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"Jilin dujunshengzhang gongshu weipai waijiao guwen huitong jiaoshepaidui hushangshi gei Li Hongmo dexunling" [Order from Jilin Military Governor to Li Hongmo in regard to Organizing Defense for Business], (July 31, 1917), Harbin Shidang'anguan [Harbin City Archives]: Harbin jingji ziliao wenji (Harbin Economic History Materials) (Harbin City Archives, v.1, 1990), 89.
Zeng Yukang, deputy general manager of China National Petroleum Corp., proprietor of the Jilin plant, went so far as to express "sympathy and deep apologies" to the people of Harbin.
The deputy Communist Party secretary for Jilin province already has taken the unusual step of publicly apologising for the disaster.
A woman who answered the telephone at the Jilin Chemical Industry Company Hospital, under the main petroleum company, said about 40 to 50 people were receiving treatment.
Jilin province is located between Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces.
After completion of the acquisition, the company will own the entire equity interest of Jilin Haoyuan Gas Co., Ltd.
Wang Junyan, Vice Director General, Jilin Agriculture Commission, the five-member delegation from Jilin (China) included Mr.
Recently, she has been honored and invited for the 4th Global Economic Leaders Summit (GELS 2015) and 10th China-Northeast Asia Expo as VIP Guest by Jilin Provincial Government of China and Asia-Pacific CEO Association.
Lahore -- Chief Minister Jilin Province China Bayanqolu has said that there are vast prospects of investment and mutual cooperation between Jilin and Punjab in infrastructure development, agriculture, livestock, auto industry, energy and other sectors.
The patient was a 50-year-old farmer who lived in Jilin Province and traded chickens for a living.
Hunchun, Jumada II 4, 1435, Apr 4, 2014, SPA -- Twelve workers trapped under a collapsed tunnel in northeast China's Jilin Province for two days are all alive and in good condition, local authorities said on Friday.