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Murray, James,

1721?–94, British general, first civil governor of Canada, b. Scotland. He went to Canada as an army officer in 1757 and was prominent at the siege of Louisburg (1758) and in the crucial battle on the Plains of Abraham. Murray was given command of Quebec and withstood the efforts of the French. He was made military governor of Quebec and after the Treaty of Paris (1763) became (1764) the first civil governor of Canada, then called the Province of Quebec. His efforts to protect the French Canadians prepared the way for the Quebec Act (1774) and earned him the enmity of many of the English. Summoned (1766) to England to face charges of betraying British interests, he was vindicated. Although he continued in the governorship until 1768, he did not return to Canada. He remained in the army and reached the rank of full general (1783).

Murray, James

(1837–1915) renowned editor of the Oxford English Dictionary. [Br. Hist.: Caught in the Web of Words]
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Jim Murray (right) lands a punch on Drew Docherty during their ill-fated encounter in 1996
In the meantime Maxi Ragamuffin will transport a barrel of the Nant Single Malt, along with whisky scribe, Jim Murray, from Constitution Dock to the new Nant Whisky Bar in Melbourne.
The author of 'Jim Murray's Whisky Bible' believes that Scotland's decrease in quality whiskey is due to the use of sulphur candles to sanitize some barrels that have been used to age sherry, giving it a "bitter finish", while Bourbon is aged in virgin oak casks, which do not require sulphur treatment.
I hope that someday again well be blessed with a Jim Murray. Until then, I'll just reminisce about the good old days and Murray lines like this one, when he wrote of another notoriously mean and grouchy man, Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes: "Woody was consistent.
Jim Murray's Whisky Bible is around pounds 12, a perfect stocking filler.
Jim Murray, Humana chief operating officer, said that the company is "stepping back and reorganizing our commercial business.
Jim Murray, the party's General Election candidate for Bootle, jokingly told conference guards searching his shoulder bag he had a semi-automatic gun in his back pocket.
The new Aftermarket Director replaces Jim Murray who acted as interim Director for a short period.
Weld, who has done well at Hollywood Park, winning the Matriarch Stakes with Dress To Thrill in 2002, the American Oaks with Dimitrova in 2003 and the Jim Murray Memorial Handicap with Grey Swallow in 2006, said: "He looks great, absolutely magnificent.
Jim Murray carries the remains of his daughter Nicola; Sorrow..
"Microsoft upholds that its approach makes consumers' lives easier, but ease without real competition can be a bad deal," said Jim Murray, the director of the consumer organisation BEUC.
He added, "Regards to all, especially Jim Murray [of the Portland Chapter] who is a very dear friend.