Jindrich Matiegka

Matiegka, Jindřich


Born Mar. 31, 1862, in Benešov; died Aug. 4, 1941. Czech anthropologist.

From 1918 to 1934, Matiegka was a professor at the University of Prague, where he established the chair of anthropology and the A. Hrdlička Museum of Anthropology, both attached to the faculty of natural sciences. In 1923 he founded the journal Anthropologie, in which he published articles against racist fabrications. His principal works were Skulls of the Bohemians (1891), General Theory of Tribes (1929), Somatology of Young People (1927), and Pfedmosti Man (books 1-2, 1934-38). The last work is devoted to a description of the skeletal remains of people from the Upper Paleolithic discovered in Czechoslovakia.

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O primeiro autor a propor um metodo para fracionar a massa corporal em diferentes tecidos foi o antropologo Jindrich Matiegka (Wang e colaboradores, 1992; Clarys e colaboradores, 1999).