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Perhaps the clinically controlled environment of Spain and Brussels and the language barriers might have made the jingoes amongst the Pakistani media a bit circumscribed, but still some belonging to a jingoistic group managed to spill their beans whenever they could.
In the post-war period, true believers in the dream of a new world Australia--such as the cultural nationalist literary leader Vance Palmer--became increasingly disillusioned when the people continued to heed the jingoes and were deaf to the self-declared prophets of the nation's true destiny.
Mitchell shows that despite the bombast of German jingoes, Berlin was extremely careful not to antagonize Washington over Latin America.
De Lome criticized McKinley, characterizing him as "weak and a bidder for the admiration of the crowd, besides being a would-be politician who tries to leave a door open behind himself while keeping on good terms with the jingoes of his party" (quoted in Gould 1980b, 34).