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(Arabic, literally “spirit”), in the Koran a fantastic substance created by Allah from pure, smokeless fire. There are two types of jinns: those converted to Islam that do good deeds and those that are faithless deluders of people and bearers of disease. According to believers, jinns are capable of assuming various forms and living inside of people, animals, and plants. The concept of the jinn existed in pre-Islamic Arabic pagan mythology. With the spread of Islam, belief in jinns became partially incorporated into other peoples’ beliefs (for example, the Persians).

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(genii) class of demon assuming animal/human form. [Arab. Myth.: Benét, 13, 521]
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The reader is made to believe in a world dominated by wise men, the pirs or babas (both terms are used in reference to spiritual men of great wisdom), who have knowledge of the supernatural, can converse with jinns, can tame the snakes, speak language of the animal, search for dwarfs, and possess an inner eye - all packaged as Sufism.
Washington DC, [USA] Aug 13 ( ANI ): Netflix's upcoming Arabic language series 'Jinn' has commenced shooting at several locations in Jordan.
You've got 113 families that run the world, and among them you've got 13 families that are really the powerful ones, they're in touch with demons (we call them jinns, genies).
al-Koni's desert is peopled by the tragic protagonists (like the zai'm, the guardian, Mussa, Akhmad, Anubi), gods, jinn and spirits, as in the case of the Zai'm in The Animists who found in the shadows his bond and support
Sixty-eight verses in 9 chapters of the Qur'an were identified by the research group as direct verses referring to Solomon, or relevant verses such as those on jinns and demons.
These worlds are widely talked about within the Qu'ran, the world of the Jinns, as in the verse"And the jinn race, we had created before, from the fire of a scorching wind" Qur'an (15: 27)
Unlike Western horror films, which mainly deal with the devil and its cohorts, "Dabbe" -- and many local horror films that later tried to achieve its financial success -- deal with the phenomenon of jinns, those horrible little creatures that infest Muslim superstition and have the potential to scare the living daylights out of us thanks to their lore.
Al-Zamalek president Mortada Mansour, a larger than life figure, whose at times comical outbursts often persuade the government to maintain a distance even though they support Al-Sisi's policies, charged that Al-Ahly's victory on the pitch was due to "ghosts and jinns", and that his assertions are "written in the holy Quran."
But the west is the land of darkness, the land of jinns and monsters" (83).
Other than the symbolism, the book also offers an insight into what it was like growing up in Chandni Chowk in the aftermath of Partition, how the poor descendants of the once rich and powerful Mughals lived, and of course how helpful jinns can be if you pay heed to them.
Say: "Verily, God's Guidance is the only guidance, and we have been commanded to submit (ourselves) to the Lord of the Worlds (mankind, jinns and all that exists); and to perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat)", and to be obedient to God and fear Him, and it is He to Whom you shall be gathered.} (Al-An`am 6: 71-72)