Jirí Polívka

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Polívka, Jiří


Born Mar. 6, 1858, in Enns, Austria; died Mar. 21, 1933, in Prague. Czech folklorist, linguist, and literary historian.

Polívka became a professor at Charles University in Prague in 1895. He was a corresponding member of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts and became a corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences in 1901. He was a proponent of T. Benfey’s migration theory. His Slavic Tales (1932) and other major works on the Slavic folk tale devote a good deal of attention to the artistic form of the tale. Polívka studied the history of the ancient and modern literature of the Slavic peoples and the works of 19th-century Russian authors. His works on Slavic dialectology are of great value.


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