see GirgaGirga
or Jirja
, town (1986 pop. 71,564), central Egypt, on the Nile. It is noted for its pottery; a sugar refining industry was established in the 1980s. The town is the seat of a Coptic bishop and derives its name from the old Mara Girgis Coptic monastery, which was
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, Egypt.
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She said women were still punished through Jirja system and the
Ahmad b.[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]Abd al-Qadir (1866-1939), [5] who was born in Jirja and studied at al-Azhar, was a qadi, chief justice (qadi al-qudat) in the Sudan (from 1900), shaykh of the [CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]ulama[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of Alexandria (from 1904),deputy rector (wakil) of al-Azhar (from 1909), and member of the board of the prominent [CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]ulama[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Hay[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]at Kibar al-[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]Ulama[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and of the Legislative Assembly (al-Jam[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]iyya al-Tashri[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]iyya, from 1913).