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(hē`värō), linguistic stock of Native South Americans in Ecuador. The peoples, N of the Marañón River and E of the Andes, engage in farming, hunting, fishing, and weaving. They have a patrilineal society, with some 15 to 20 people, the family group, living in each huge, isolated communal house. Though not unique to the Jívaro, head shrinking, accompanied by elaborate ceremony, made them famous, but the practice has virtually disappeared. The Jívaro long resisted government and missionary efforts to subdue them.


See V. W. Von Hagen, Off with Their Heads (1937); J. Hanzelka and M. Zikmund, Amazon Headhunters (tr. 1964); M. J. Harner, The Jívaro (1972).

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o la invencion de los Jivaros es un experimento que nos lleva a cobrar consciencia del potencial politico de una produccion audiovisual que se arriesga a afrontar los retos implicitos en el reconocimiento de la alteridad y el caracter negociado de "la verdad" o "la realidad" Por otra parte, y en relacion con la anterior problematica, revela el caracter especular de la representacion y, en esta medida, de la relacion con "lo otro" Ademas de responder a un empeno por evidenciar la complejidad de los shuar, de sus valores y preocupaciones, el documental habla de manera implicita y a traves de este ejercicio, de "occidente" y sus angustias mas ocultas.
Ce genre de decoration stylisee a souvent une fonction que l'on pourrait qualifier d'iconogene, c'est-a-dire qu'elle stimule l'imagination visuelle et declenche donc la production d'images mentales qui peuvent etre tout a fait figuratives sans etre pour autant jamais actualisees sur un support materiel--c'est le cas par exemple des peintures faciales jivaros (Taylor 2003).
In the port area of Lower Manhattan which later became the World Trade Center, I used to see foulmouthed merchant seamen's big-billed birds for sale in a cigar store that also proffered shrunken human heads with pained and puckered faces and sewn-up lips which sailors on the coffee or United Fruit banana boats had purchased from tribes such as the famous head-hunting Jivaros of Ecuador.
The Blue Indians of South America, "belonged to the ancient tribe of the Jivaros" (160) of Peru, and the Jivaros exist today.
HENRY DALY, who put the finishing touches to his Gold Cup hope Behrajan on Saturday morning, was on the mark when Jivaros produced a storming finish to clinch a 20-1 victory in the novice hurdle at a meeting which was given the go-ahead only half an hour before racing because of high winds, writes Tom O'Ryan.
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