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A storage of radioactive wastes may appear in Jizzakh region, cited President of Uzbek Academy of Sciences Behzod Yuldashev as saying.
Jizzakh, Samarkand and Karshi felt the quake at magnitude 2.
Chinese company DELMOR will invest $100 million in the creation of a meat and dairy cluster in the Jizzakh region, Trend reports with reference to Uzbek government decree.
Chinese company DELMOR will invest $100 million in the creation of a meat and dairy cluster in the Jizzakh region,Trendreports with reference to Uzbek government decree.
In turn, guests were invited to attend International Investment Forum on August 29-30, 2019 in Jizzakh, within the framework of which there will be an opportunity to consider and sign an agreement on mutual cooperation.
According to reports in, the tragic incident happened in Jizzakh, a city in Uzbekistan, where dozens of people were sent crashing to the ground when it snapped.
There are also plans to turn the Ahangaran and Jizzakh regions into logistics hubs.
Honeywell announced that Jizzakh Petroleum JV will use Honeywell UOP technologies to build a new refinery capable of processing 5 million tons per year of crude oil to produce clean-burning gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.
The joint venture will open a production plant in the free industrial zone of Jizzakh, located 200km from Tashkent, in Uzbekistan, to produce Peugeot and Citroen LCVs, for passenger and freight carriage.
Along with this, there are also the construction of the cement plant to produce 760 thousand tons of Portland cement or 350 thousand tons of white cement in Jizzakh region; the electrification of railways and launching of high-speed passenger connection and with procurement of the talgo-250 high-speed passenger trains and other our successes and achievements, which undoubtedly, fill our hearts with pride and satisfaction.
Earlier it was reported that in March 2014, AMMC completed construction of a cement plant in the Jizzakh region worth $114.18 million.
The second round of elections will be held in Karkalpakstan Republic, Andijan, Bukhara, Jizzakh, Navoi, Samarkand, Syrdarya, Khorezm, Kashkadarya regions and Tashkent city (one electoral district each), Namangan and Tashkent regions (two electoral districts each), Ferghana region (three electoral districts) and Surkhandarya region (five electoral districts).