João Franco

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Franco, João


Born Feb. 14, 1855, in Alcaide, Beira Region; died Apr. 4, 1929, in Lisbon. Portuguese political and state figure.

In 1884, Franco was elected to the parliament, where he sided with the Regenerators; in 1900 he became the leader of the party. Over the years he held several ministerial posts. From 1906 to 1908, Franco was prime minister. In the face of the growing republican movement, he proclaimed freedom of the press and granted political amnesty. However, these measures did not weaken the struggle against the monarchy. Early in 1908 he attempted forcibly to suppress the republican movement in Lisbon and other cities. After the assassination of King Carlos I and the heir to the throne on Feb. 1, 1908, Franco was forced to resign from the government and leave the country. He lived abroad until 1928.