Joachim Barrande

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Barrande, Joachim


Born Aug. 11, 1799, in Saugues, France; died Oct. 5, 1883, in Frohsdorf, near Vienna. Paleontologist and geologist. Graduated from the Polytechnic School in Paris (1824). Lived in Bohemia after 1831.

Barrande studied in detail the Lower Paleozoic deposits of central and western Bohemia (which were later named Barrandian in his honor), designated the “Silurian system” (the Ordovician-Silurian division of today) in this connection, and divided it into four sections, eight layers, and many more detailed subdivisions having specific paleontological characteristics. The fossils that he collected (brachiopods, trilobites, and others) were described in his monographs, which filled 24 volumes—a classic paleontological work of the 19th century.


Système silurien du Centre de la Bohême, vols. 1–8. Prague, 1852–94.