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Miró, Joan


Born Apr. 20, 1893, in Montroig, near Tarragona, Catalonia. Spanish painter, sculptor, and graphic artist.

Miro attended the San Jorge School of Fine Arts in Barcelona from 1907 to 1910. He has lived mostly in Paris since 1919. Miro exhibited with the surrealists in their first group exhibition in 1925. In his ornamental works the artist imitates a child’s naive, incoherent drawing, arranging on a flat plane various figures that sometimes vaguely resemble real objects but more frequently are fantastic, mollusk-shaped forms that seem to flow into each other (Catalan Landscape, 1924, Museum of Modern Art, New York City; Still Life With an Old Shoe, 1937, private collection, New Canaan, Conn.; A Woman and a Bird in the Moonlight, 1949, Tate Gallery, London). In the 1940’s and 1950’s, Miro took up abstract art. The artist also did book illustrations and designed ceramics and carpets. He subsequently turned to monumental decorative art, for example, the tile mural in the UNESCO building in Paris (1958).


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Esta exposicion temporal cuenta con pinturas y esculturas que van desde el siglo XV al siglo XX de artistas como Pitati, De Vos, Reynolds, Morisot y Marta y obras como el Retrato de Porfirio Diaz, de la coleccion del Hotel Geneve; la Escena del circo, de Pablo Picasso; y El hombre nocturno, de Joan Miro; asi como algunas obras de autores mexicanos como Diego Rivera, con su obra titulada Escena yucateca.
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